ONLY @KARUSA’s Farm Cottages – Do you want to evoke your senses on a 2 night getaway with breathtaking views?

Karusa Farm Cottage

Scenic view over the valley

Relax and rejuvenate @ KARUSA’s Farm Cottages in the heart of the Klein Karoo

We know that the challanges of every day life are hectic. Threrefore KARUSA offer you an opportunity to relax and reconnect in a private and serene space in the heart of the Klein Karoo – A unique farm stay experience.

Imagine waking up to birdsongs echoing in the luscious orchards or sipping away on a crisp and refreshing wine of your choise at sunset. Conversing over indefectible possibilities whilst grazing on a charcuterie platter mids the vines. This is the perfect getaway to engage with nature to awaken your senses. To touch base. To reconnect. To remember what makes you feel alive. To stimulate what makes you feel good. To sieze just a few moments in time to make memories that will last a life time.

Modren society so often robs us from the opportunity to connect with nature. The city life with its skyscrapers, busy scheduals, deadlines, tecnology all drive a fear based and stressed induced life. Reaserch has proven time and time again that engaging with nature awakens your senses thus reducing stress and angsiety. Once we are out in the open, inhaling clean fresh air, with our feet fimly grounded on the bare earth we release positive energy that helps us feel better. I am sure you can recall a time when you felt the urge to just get out and away from a stresful situation.

Perhaps you went for a walk or maby a drive with an open window and the wind blowing through your hair. Or maby you went for a swim. Think of the sensation you experienced, whether it was the water washing over your body or a cool breeze brushing over your skin, perhaps it was the song of a bird or the color of the sky or all of the above. That sensory sensation encourged your body to release hormones to help you feel better and contribute to your over all well-being.

To have a multi sensory interaction with nature (being aware of what you feel, hear, taste or see) not only improves your mental state but may also strengthen you physically.

In an article written by Lara S. Franco, Danielle F. Shanahan and Richard A. Fuller – A Review of the Benifits of Nature Experiences: More Than Meets the Eye – published on August 1, 2017, studies concluded that a possible cure for a stresful life is to get away and “experience a plesent rural scenery.” READ MORE HERE:

    Here at Vogelsang Farm we want to create a lifestyle of intentional living – being in the moment at the moment – and we want others to share in this experience of mindfulness or intentional living. We want our guests to reconnect not only with nature, but themselves and their loved ones. Therefore we have set aside limited dates in the month of March for you as our guests to ‘Evoke your senses‘ with ‘Wine in the Vines‘.

    Wine in the Vines Calender

      How does Wine in the Vines work?

      • This is a getaway opportunity to a private scerene location just outside Oudtshoorn (13 km enroute to the Cango Caves).
      • It includes a two night stay in one of our fully equipped ecofriedly, self-catering cottages.
      • Choose a wine from our lifestyle collection (any wine under a R120) to compliment your charcuterie platter.
      • Select a date available, time and location that you would prefere to enjoy your ‘Wine in the Vines’ experience.

      This is a platter with cold cooked meats, pates and different textured cheese. One can add fresh or dried fruit and/or preserves such as olives or gurkins et. Fresh ciabatta or salty crackers may add wholesome fullness.

      Lifestyle Collection

      Lifestyle Collection refers to a range of our affordable easy drinking wines.

      Book your unique farm stay experience with us and allow your senses to be evoked!

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